witchyMy one friend who I actually have fun with is leaving the mountain. I can’t tell you how upsetting this is to me. He does shit like this every couple of years or so, just ups and leaves.  This time he is planning on living in someone’s house in the Poconos while he goes to Truck Driving School. I tried to talk him out of it and he just laughs. I think I may have convinced him to give two weeks notice at work, but we’ll see. Meanwhile I will just sit back and enjoy the chaos his leaving will create.

He loves to write succinct, truthful letters right around the time he disappears, and leaves them for the intended recipients, slipped under doors and other dramatic places. This should be good, because I know what has been on his mind lately.

I don’t think this is going to be the best thing for him to do, to disappear and move to Pennsylvania. I mean, what is Pennsylvania besides the state that is in the way? As far as I know,  he’s never lived on the East Coast. And Truck Driving School? For a man who’s dream is to be a florist? Ok, gay Truck Stops aside, I can’t see him being very happy living out of a rig for long distances. The man loves his creature comforts and signature colors, not to mention his designer sheets and scented candles.

These are all his choices, and there is little I can do besides be supportive. And mope. I officially started with the moping last night, and he’s not even gone yet.  He has to help me move a piece of furniture before he leaves. My power lesbian friends are giving me this exquisite white sectional sofa: they’ve opted for a more butch looking living room, with leather chairs and love seats. Marina will be taking the one we have now to school with her in the fall.

What will I do with myself, with both of them gone? And to make my anxiety worse, Marina may be spending next summer in France. The loneliest woman in the world has just gotten a whole lot lonelier. Yes, this is me moping. I’m planning on a long term mope complete with alot of chemical dependence for the next few weeks. Don’t try ‘n stop me.