me me me

When I was growing up in Hudson County NJ, I dreamed of living a peaceful life in the mountains, far from the moral decreptitude that makes New Jersey the fabulous place that it is. I wished for it so hard that I wound up on Mt Hood, an active volcano.

The people I’ve gotten to know up here in the clouds like to believe that I am in the Witness Protection Program. Of course this is not true, but it is a romantic notion so I keep them guessing.

I am moving my webjournal to wordpress because too many people in my tiny little Twin Peaks town found out about it, and if my boss ever reads the things I write about the way she conducts herself, I will be out of a job 😉 I needed a place where I can tell even more of the truth, which is ever so much stranger than anything I could make up.

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One Response to “Be Reckless With What You Wish For”

  1. i dreamed of herding yaks across the steppes of the gobi desert. I landed in Indiana…not to far removed.

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